The Caledonia Yawl, from Scottish designer Ian Oughtred, is a fast and able double ender. It is based on traditional Scottish and Norwegian workboats.

A light beach cruiser at around 250kg with a kick up centreboard and rudder, the Caledonia Yawl is easy to launch and will comfortably carry 6 adults or a family, including a dog! This boat is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. At the 2007 Woodenboat Magazine Small Reach Regatta, held in Brooklyn in Maine, 6 of the 39 boats were Caledonia Yawls.

Construction is modern clinker ply with epoxy, consisting of 7 planks each side to give a strong, light, low maintenance hull. The boat comes with two sail types, either balanced lug rig or Gunther rig. Each rig type has two further options — yawl rig or sloop rig.

Many different internal layouts are possible, from a completely open boat to a half deck with built in buoyancy and side benches.

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