Plywood Eco Friendly

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At Legacy Nautical Boat Builders sustainability and responsible sourcing of materials is very important to us. That is a key reason we have chosen to be the proud Australian importers of Joubert Plywood. From the Joubert group………….

Our brand is there to give our customers the possibility of choosing durable and consistent products.
We have always had the conviction that we should act on the long term instead of waiting to be forced;
for the respect of both wood and humanity.
That which moves us forward enables our customers also to progress and helps them
not only to be on the same wavelength as the prescribers in order to meet their requirements
but also brings them alongside the ecological conscience of everyone.

A duty

We owe it to ourselves to be 100% exemplary. That means preservation of the natural resources:
for that, the provenance of each log used for our plywood is attested from legal origin.

A philosophy

We take on our social and environmental responsibility with candour and openness.
Our objective is clear: to be irreproachable to our partners.

Starting with the raw material…

Our wood is from legal origin and from well-managed forests, in France and Gabon.
The sourcing of our wood is traced and controlled on all our sites.

…then the rules of wood exploitation…

We work intelligently with our partners, notably within the strict framework of the CFAD in Gabon.
The Concessiion Forestière sous Aménagement Durable is responsible for the protection of the ecosystems
within a socially beneficial and economically viable policy for the country and its inhabitants.

…through to a respectful industrial process

On our 3 sites in France and Gabon, we work to reduce our mark on the environment every day.
Our procedures are based on demanding reference systems, which aim to continually improve them:

  • Quality Security Environment charter
  • Economy of raw material
  • Making the most of wood waste
  • Sorting out of waste