Marine Plywood

Joubert Marine Plywood is an Okoume throughout lightweight hardwood plywood panel with selected cores and made in accordance with British Standard 1088:2003 Lloyd’s Register Type Approved.

It has a wonderful lightness and an excellent resistance to damp conditions (Class 3 gluing) which enables it to meet the specific demands of naval construction and construction in extreme climates.

Joubert Marine plywood is recommended for nautical construction and boat furnishings and most extreme outdoor applications.

This plywood can also be used for interior furnishings thanks to its numerous possibilities of finish. For panels to be used outside, particular care should be taken to ensure that the edges of the panels are completely watertight.

Joubert Marine Ply panels are FSC certified accordingly with available credits and made in France. They comply with the following norms:

  • Face veneers: as per EN 635-2
  • Bonding class: as per EN 314-2
  • Dimension tolerance: as per EN 315
  • Made in accordance with British Standard 1088 – Lloyd’s Register Type Approved
  • CE
  • CARB ULEF – California Air Resource Board Ultra Low Emitting Formaldehyde – compliant

Structure and fittings in nautical construction or outdoor applications (construction, joinery, cladding etc.).

It is a very green product as Joubert Marine Ply panels are FSC certified accordingly with available credits.

Joubert Plywood is the only manufacturer of okoume plywood to offer you plywood panels which are:

  • CARB compliant for formaldehyde – ULEF: Ultra low Emitting Formaldehyde
  • FSC certified which testifies the engagement taken by the Joubert Group for the responsible management of the forest. Plywood panels made with the Joubert brand are guaranteed with 100% legal origin
  • British Standard 1088: 2003 Lloyds Register Type Approved for its Joubert Marine ply panels.
  • Product available from 4 to 18 mm.
  • Sizes: 250x122cm

Marine Plywood Perth

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