Maddox Anodes – Corrosion Protection

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Maddox Anodes

We are pleased to be able to offer our customers the best in corrosion protection for their vessels.

Used in both timber and fiberglass boats our Maddox Anodes are an internationally accredited sacrificial anode.

The Galvanic series of metals is a list of known metals and their relative voltage generated in water.The patented composite alloy in our anodes is closer than zinc in mV potential to the submerged metals found on most boats making it less aggressive on coatings and parts than the zinc equivalent. It is this difference that makes the Maddox Anode a higher performing choice for protection and performance. Please see attachment below for a diagram:

Galvanic Series of Metals

They come in a number of sizes and shapes to suit the whole range of applications. Please visit our catalog to see the range on offer.