Desalinator Units

A J Woodall Shipwright are the preferred supplier, installer, repairer and service agent of Citor desalinators in Perth and Fremantle.  Citor desalinators are high- quality, reverse osmosis desalination units that produce fresh drinking water. Every boat out on the water for any length of time will require a water maker to supply clean fresh water to the vessel.  CITOR are a West Australian product that suits any application, big or small. Check out the variety of water makers available from 2000 litres per day to 30000 litres per day. They conform to the World Health Organisation Standards from sea water, brackish water, well water etc.

For all installation, repairs and service of desalinators and water makers in all of Perth and Fremantle Western Australia, please contact us for a quotation.

New Citor Units available are:

Desalination unit Model 5 TS

Compact unit with low power usage in either single or 3 phase. 5000 litres/day. Purchase in the stainless steel frame ready for installation or in kit form to suit vessels where space is limited.

Desalination unit Model 3.6 TS

Fully contained unit on a stainless steel frame ready of installation or in kit form. Produces 150 litres per hour.

Desalination unit Model 2 TS

Also available in kit form producing 90 litres of fresh water an hour.

Parts, filters and cleaning agents also available.

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Servicing and Repairs

As the WA agent we can offer comprehensive service and repair solutions to our clients, including routine services before and after the seasons through to full rebuilds and replacement.  We have highly trained technicians with fully equipped mobile vans to travel to your vessel and a purpose built workshop to ensure quality of our work.

Do you have a different brand of desalinator?  No problem, we offer the same high quality servicing and repair facility to all brands of desalination units, no matter what type.



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