Choosing your Boat Design

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Boat Design: what is right for you?

For those just dreaming of the day they can commission their very own Legacy here are some tips!

Decide – how you would like to spend you time on the water. Do you want to sail on the breeze or cruise under power? Are you day cruising or seeking distant shores? How many people would you like out on the water with you at one time?

Now size – often the practicalities will determine this as it will need a home when not in use. ┬áTake for example William Garden’s tom cat boat at 12 foot long and 6 foot wide, it’s a big little boat that will store readily in the average car port. Where as the Ian Oughtred lovely Willy Boat will require a larger space yet accommodate the same number of crew.

Cost – is also a consideration at this stage. However, depending on the design, a larger boat may not always cost you more taking into account construction methods. materials and build hours.

Weight – little considered when looking though such great magazines as Wooden Boat or Classic Boat picturing yourself at the helm. The reality is the greater the weight, the larger the trailer and the bigger the car you will need to transport your boat to the waters edge.

Practicalities – is there shade from the sun?, a place for a picnic basket? or a means of getting home when the wind drops? You will have your own list of needs and desires. ┬áJust remember with small craft boating, comprise is the key factor.

Safety – although near the end of this new item, this should be your first consideration from choosing the design to purchasing your personal safety equipment. Choose a design that will suit the water conditions you want to navigate, such as Ian Oughtred’s Calendonia Yawl would make a comfortable day cruiser launching from the beach to cruise sheltered waters. Or for the more adventurous Paul Gartside’s 19 foot Center Board Sloop Spartan II would be a safer option for open waters and over night stays.

Build quality – at the end of the day, having invested much time and consideration on your design, it is the quality in the build that will remain long after the turmoil, indecision and anticipation is forgotten your Legacy will remain.

Happy Boating!