Cathodic Protection – schedule your vessels test today!

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Yes – we do sell Maddox Anodes. That is because we strongly believe in the importance of protecting your investment. As a shipwright I have all too often seen the damage caused by incorrect or insufficient cathodic protection within the bonding system of the vessel.

I am able to offer you a Cathodic Protection Survey which will test your vessels bonding system.

The objective is to:

  •      Confirm cathodic protection across all submerged metals with respect to the recommended ranges for protection listed in ABYC E-2.
  •      Minimise growth of weed and barnacle recruitment
  •      Extend the life of anodes
  •      Extend the life of hull and drive line coatings
  •      Minimise costs of ongoing maintenance and repair
  •      Reduce paint blasting

Depending on if you vessel is in or out of the water the following can be assessed:

Out of water:

Inspection of:

  •      all underwater submerged metal
  •      hull and drive coatings
  •      anode placement and condition
  •      internal bonding system and connections

Testing of:

  •      electrical conductivity across bonding system
  •      anode connection to bonding system
  •      integrity of bonding system and connections

In water:

  •      Cathodic protection test using Half- cell reference electrode and in accordance with ABYC directives.
  •      Test and record the combined mV reading of bonded circuit, anode and through hull fittings.
  •      Test and record the mV potential of individual submerged metals independent to the anode

Regular inspection and maintenance is recommended in every instance. To arrange a survey please contact us.