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  • Counter Sunk Bronze Silicon Wood Screws

Perfect for the true wood worker our bronze wood screws will bring the quality to any job.

Silicon Bronze is probably the best metal for marine nails, screws and bolts. It is an alloy of copper and small amounts of silicon. It is to all intents immune to self-corrosion either in the atmosphere or immersed in seawater. It is hard and nearly as strong as the so-called marine grades of stainless steel.

WHY Silicon Bronze over 316 Stainless Steel
Stainless Steels require constant exposure to oxygen to maintain a Chromium Oxide film on the surface. This protects the steel and makes it corrosion resistant. Inserting 316 Stainless Steel fittings through a deck or other tight cavity that does not allow exposure to air and water makes contact you will get crevice corrosion. That is why the Australian Yachting Federation banned plastic coated wire for life lines on yachts. Through deck fittings are classics to suffer from crevice corrosion.

There are some Chinese sourced Silicon Bronze fastenings and nails around. We do not stock fasteners from China.  We source our Silicon Bronze fasteners from the USA & New Zealand.

The reason is not being able to guarantee the quality of the materials being used in the manufacturing process.  With silicon bronze the percentages of the alloys used is critical.  Small percentage changes can change the strength and corrosion resistance of silicon bronze making it unsuitable for marine use.

We stock both Slotted and Square drive screws in the following sizes and gauges:

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  • Stainless Steel 316 Self tappers

Stainless steel screws provide great corrosion resistance while remaining affordable. They are also resistant to high heat and extremely cold temperatures making stainless steel fasteners the material of choice for many applications.  We consider them the work horse of modern composite boat building!

316 Grade fasteners contain molybdenum which significantly increases corrosion resistance.

A note of caution: Do not use in an anaerobic environment, as such they should only be used below the waterline with caution. Always use an anti-seize compound to lubricate the stainless steel nuts and bolts to prevent binding.

We stock both Counter Sunk and Pan Head screws in the following sizes and gauges:

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